Welcome to FgGB!

As a registered society Forschungsgemeinschaft Großbritannien (FgGB) is a worldwide organisation of philatelists and postal historians interested in the collecting area Great Britain. Its work is directed mainly at German speaking collectors. For this reason, all publications relating to this area of collecting are in German and in some cases additionally in English. Hence this website too has been drawn up in German with the exception of the translation of this welcome.

The aim of this website is to further publicise the work of FgGB as well as to promote the collection of Great Britain stamps and postal history.

To this end we would like to provide all philatelists and postal historians interested in Great Britain a platform where, amongst other things, the latest information on this area of collecting will be made available as well as publications can be found on standard questions concerned with collecting Great Britain – whether classical or modern.

From the prephilatelic area to the legendary Penny Black from the time of Queen Victoria up to modern Machins with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with us collectors of all epochs find assistance, advice and information to their area of interest. In addition, postal history plays an important role in our research activities. As an engaged society we have issued some publications about the postal history of the United Kingdom as well as to the stamps of the British islands. All collectors of this area, no matter if they are beginners or advanced exhibitors are cordially welcome with us.

We hope you enjoy visiting the website of FgGB!